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‘Tis The Season To Breathe



Every year is different,

Different challenges, different victories

But this year…. Man, this year was hard!

But hey, we survived

And that’s something to be thankful for.


My 2020 would’ve sucked even more if you weren’t in the picture

Thank you for your support

Thank you for reading my books

Thank you for sending me awesome emails

Thank you for just being around.


As we step into the new year,

I pray that only good things come your way

May you and everyone you love have a year to be celebrated

Here’s wishing you health, wealth and lots of happiness

Merry Christmas & Happy 2021

My Next Book Is Coming (lol Not In That Way)

Whassup? How have you been? Have you missed me? No? Well, I’m here and I’m not going nowhere 😛😛😛 I’ve just been holed up  in my cave trying to finish my next book.

Confession Time: I was very hesitant about finishing the ‘Heirs’ series. Not because I actually don’t like the series but because some responses to Obsession, the first book in that series were not that enthusiastic. Then it occurred to me; why am I so bummed by people who don’t like the book? Sure, their comments are a great learning tool but think about the people who liked it. THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO LIKED IT, LINDA. You’re just going to do them like that?

Also, I kind of liked the book too and I’m really excited to see where it’s going. Conclusion: I’mma finish this series. I hope y’all will stick with me.

*Gets off soapbox

Now, where were we? Ah yes! The new book. It’s called ‘Passion’ and in it, Michael, Lex’s other friend, finds his happy ending.

Some people call Michael Klein responsible and upright. Others say he’s just uptight.

He’s been a single father for so long that words ‘love’ and ‘fun’ have disappeared from his dictionary. That is until Gigi Champion crashes into his uptight world. Gigi’s the pesky neighbor he never wanted. Sure, she’s gorgeous, vivacious and has the prettiest eyes he’s ever seen. But it seems like her mission in life is to make a hot mess of his neat, responsible, o-so-serious world.

She is definitely not his type.

The problem is Michael can’t get her out of his mind. All he wants to do is haul her over his knee and see that pretty mouth of hers open with a pant, a gasp, and then a long moan. But he can’t do that, or can he?


I like Michael, I really do. But I like Gigi even better. 😛 She’s kind of good at terrorizing Michael and he doesn’t know what to do with her, which is exactly the type of heroine I like. I think you’ll like the drama between these two fools.

I’m actually done writing the book, just doing a little editing here and there then I’ll let you know when it will be released.

PS: This time I’ll be using Advance Readers so make sure you’re part of my Book Club if you’d like a chance at a free copy before everyone else even gets to read it.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Games We Play

TGWP Website CoverOkay, you already know that The Games We Play is published, right?

You don’t? What? Stop playing with me. I know you already have it. But if you don’t, then get it HERE.

You’d think that by now I’d have stopped planning my books down to the last chapter in advance. After all, things never ever go the way I plan and my characters are ridiculously mischievous. But alas, I am a planner. Anywho, let’s pull back the curtains and take a look at what didn’t make into the book.



lol. I think I just heard you groan.

Yes, this was going the secret baby route. The original manuscript had April getting way earlier. Also she was going to hide the pregnancy from Roman. Of course that would have racked up the drama index, but after thinking about it I decided that Roman had been punished enough – throwing in a secret baby would have been cruel. I’m cruel but not that cruel.



Ryan McPartlinChills. Fine, isn’t he? While Roman’s looks match Ryan McPartlin, his character is close to Jason Pitts from The Game (as played by Coby Bell). I haven’t watched The Game in a minute but from what I remember, Jason was extremely frugal. Roman isn’t quite as frugal but he’s close. The book wasn’t meant to trash thriftiness, but it was more of a caution that you shouldn’t let money ruin your relationship.



If you read Yes, Chef, then you know how Snow was snatched right from under Charlie’s nose, as in he was sleeping on the job and Greyson snuck in. So I couldn’t help asking myself; what if Charlie had realized Snow’s value earlier, before Greyson came into the picture, would he have had a chance? Also, what if Snow was still in love with him, would they have made it? Roman and April were born from those questions.



Keri Hilson 3If you read the Wattpad version then you know that initially, April had eight other siblings. But I changed it. Why? Laziness. I’m sorry – eight siblings? And I’d have to say something about all of them in the book? Phew! I got tired.



I know it doesn’t exactly match the tone of TGWP, but it’s pretty close to how Roman felt when he lost April. Also Labrinth knows how to pull those heartstrings.



Poor kid! He probably would have been good for April with his easy-going ways and passion. Now we’ll never know because our girl was too into Roman. Oh well! At least he still has Eva (the best-friend who he threw the party for)



I felt bad for April, I really didn’t. When strangers talk smack about you, you can brush it off, but when it’s someone who you really like and who you often ride for, it stings. Can you just imagine yourself in her position? How she managed to stop herself from storming into that room still remains a mystery.


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WHAT I’M READING: Jilted by Eve Vaughn

I am a sucker for second chance romances and characters who grow, and Eve Vaughns knows how to spin a second chance tale. This book had me shaking my head and giving the characters so many side-eyes, I’m surprised I’m not yet cross-eyed.

Jilted Eve Vaughn CoverLet’s start with Ashley. This man can hold a grudge – seriously. I know I hold grudges but Ashley made me a little scared. Apparently men who are scorned can be dangerous too. Days before his wedding to Skylar, he gets a DVD showing Skylar in a compromising situation. Instead of confronting her, he waits until their wedding day to  let her know that this wedding is not happening. Skylar is devastated, wants to talk it out. But Ashley is too hurt to discuss anything and he kicks her out of his world.

Five years later, the two meet again and… you guessed right, messiness ensues. Painful messiness.

Ashley was cruel at times, but I don’t think that it makes him any less of a hero. The thing about real life heroes is that sometimes they make mistakes, they are not perfect. Some get cruel when they’re hurt, some shut down, some want to talk it down. And maybe he didn’t have to work so hard for forgiveness – but I think that Skylar saw his sincerity and didn’t want to waste time dragging out the forgiveness. If it were me though… huh! *snorts

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New Release: Yes, Chef

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I missed you too. I got caught up in life, work and everything in between then forgot to check up on you. But, oh well… Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year.

While I was away I did manage to jot down a little something. It’s called Yes, Chef:

yc-website-coverChef Greyson Teller has had a thing for Snow Harrison since the moment she walked into his kitchen asking for a job. When she breaks up with her longtime boyfriend for what has to be the millionth time, he decides that this is finally his chance to show her that he’s the one who truly knows the way to her heart.

It’s about to get hot in the kitchen.

To get your copy today, just click on the button to your favorite store/site.

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NOTE: The book is also available for borrowing through Kindle Unlimited.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think by leaving a review after you’re done reading.