Hi. I’m Linda, an author of Multicultural romance (Interracial & African-American). I published my first novel in May 2014 and now have more than 20 novels under my belt. My novels feature women of color, and the men who love them be they black, white, Latino, Mulatto, Asian… any sexy man is game.

linda backMy love stories traverse genres; from romantic thrillers to romantic chick-lit. I may throw in some mystery and suspense, or maybe even some gritty street-lit. But you can be sure that it will be an entertaining story that is sexy and full of raw emotion. If these are the types of books you’re looking for then you’re on the right train. You’ll find a comprehensive list of all my books HERE.

If you’re looking for more personal and juicy stuff about me, then head on HERE. You’ll find a list of all the questions readers ask me about me, myself and my books, as well as my answers to those questions; some of them are long so grab a snack. You might find a little extra info on my BLOG so be sure to check in once in a while, or better yet follow it so you can receive an update whenever I post something new. However, note that the absolute best way to keep track of all things Linda Verji is to join My Book Club. Once you’re in there you’ll get access to free books and stories. You’ll also get up-to-date information about works in progress, new releases, discounts and giveaways.

Thank you for coming to my website. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Wattpad. If you’d like to send me a private message, my email is Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about my books. Without you sharing my work, I would be nowhere in this writing business.






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