Temptation Website CoverSeries: The Heirs (Book 3)

Genre: Interracial AMBW Romance

Pages: 333 Pages

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Jared ‘Red’ Kang doesn’t believe in marriage. Everything he’s seen tells him that that institution is a one-way ticket to Misery Island, and he’s doing everything he can to avoid getting trapped into it. But that doesn’t mean that he’s immune to temptation.

And that’s just what Trinity is – Temptation!

The second Red meets her, sparks fly and their chemistry is off the charts. Every time she smiles at him, it takes his breath away. He’s a hot-blooded man and she’s the fire that makes him melt. But playing with fire can cause serious burns. Before he knows it, something that was supposed to be just a no-strings attached one-night stand turns into a three-month stand.

Then suddenly, with no warning, she breaks it off.

Red should let her disappear, but he can’t. He’s already addicted to her brand of temptation. He wants her again and he’s ready to tear the city apart to find her. But getting what you wish for isn’t always a good thing because when he finds Trinity, he realizes that everything she’s ever told him about herself was a lie. Worse, she has a little surprise for him.

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“Can I have your number?”

“I thought you said this was a one-night stand,” she blurted out.

“It was.” He grinned. “But it’s not enough.”

He was pulling her leg, right? She reminded him, “You said that you weren’t interested in a relationship.”

“I’m not,” he confirmed, then surprised her with another bolt of straightforwardness. “But I want to sleep with you again. Once wasn’t enough to get you out of my system.”

What the hell was she supposed to say to that? The only reason she’d agreed to this ‘session’ was because it was supposed to be a one-night thing. Sure, the sex was amazing. Okay, more than amazing. But she couldn’t do it again. Tonight, Red had slept with Trinity, the model and designer. But after tonight, she’d disappear like a ghost. Tomorrow, only Tiffany who was broke and worked as a store-manager would exist.

Even if Broke Tiffany wanted to sleep with Red, the chances of Red also wanting to sleep with Broke Tiffany were zero with a capital Z.

But she couldn’t tell him all that. So she simply shook her head. “No.”

Unfortunately, Red was used to getting everything he wanted, and ‘No’ wasn’t in his vocabulary. He stood up. Prowling towards her like an uncaged tiger, he asked, “Why not?”

She took a step back then another one. “I don’t want to.”

“Why not?” He edged closer to her. “You liked it, didn’t you?”

Licking her suddenly dry lips, she took another step backwards. “No.”

He smiled wickedly. “Liar.”

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