Pleasure Website CoverSeries: The Heirs (Book 4)

Genre: Interracial BWWM Romance

Pages: 267 Pages

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Scottie Harper was Logan Avery’s first love. He was so crazy about her that he handed her his heart on a platter. She promised she’d keep it safe, instead she mercilessly broke it. Then she left.

Years later, she’s back, and she’s nothing like Logan remembered. Now there are shadows in her eyes and she has ‘Do Not Touch’ signs all over luscious curves. And that’s a problem… because he still wants to touch.

However, regardless of the sparks that still fly whenever they’re in the same room, he’s not sure he should look back. Their past still haunts him. He’s torn between the love he still has and the agony she caused him. Is he strong enough to let himself fall again?

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The moment the waiter left, Logan turned his wrath on her. “Are you kidding me?”

Scottie’s fake smile faltered and her eyes flickered. “Huh?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Though Logan’s voice didn’t rise, his anger was clear in his sharp words and the tightness of his tone. “Why are you pretending that things are fine between us? How can you call my name like that and smile as if you didn’t do anything wrong? What is wrong with you?”

Startled by his outburst, Scottie leaned further back in her seat as if to get away from him. Instead of answering his questions, she just stared at him for an uncomfortably long time. When she finally spoke, her tone was soft. “You’re still very angry.”

It was a statement. Not a question.

Logan’s fingers tightened around his glass as fresh anger spurted through him. He gritted between his teeth. “No, I’m not.”

She didn’t dispute his assertion. She just smiled. That smile was more annoying than anything she could’ve said. He picked up his glass and tossed back another healthy gulp of the juice. God! What he wouldn’t do for a glass of bourbon right now.

“I know that I hurt and disappointed you back then.” Her expression was grave as she added, “and I’m really, really sorry.”

Really, really sorry? Was she? After all this time, she was finally sorry? This was the first time he was hearing an apology from her. Eleven years ago when he’d confronted her with proof of her cheating all she’d done was stare at him. When he’d walked out on her, she’d merely shut the door behind him

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