Meet the Heirs. Sexy, gorgeous, successful men from wealthy families. They are all struggling to meet their families’ expectation and have no time for love and happily-ever-afters. Then again love waits for no man.


Obsession Website CoverObsession (Book 1)

Billionaire Lex Bishop has had a thing for Freddie Latham for so long that he can’t even remember when it started. Unfortunately, she’s also his best friend’s little sister a.k.a. seriously off limits. He can’t have her. That is until heartbreak and drinking together leads to one unforgettable night of passion. Now, he can’t he get Freddie off his mind. He’s obsessed with getting her back into his bed. Worse, he wants her there, not just for one night but forever.  Being together might be against the rules… but being apart is impossible. Learn More >>>

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Passion Website CoverPassion (Book 2)

Michael Klein has been a single father for so long that the words ‘love’ and ‘fun’ have disappeared from his dictionary. That is until Gigi Champion crashes into his uptight world. Sure, she’s gorgeous, vivacious and has the prettiest eyes he’s ever seen. But it seems like her mission in life is to make a hot mess of his neat, responsible, o-so-serious world. She is definitely not his type.

The problem is Michael can’t get her out of his mind. All he wants to do is haul her over his knee and see that pretty mouth of hers open with a pant, a gasp, and then a long moan. But he can’t do that, or can he? Learn More >>>

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Temptation (Book 3)

Temptation Website CoverJared ‘Red’ Kang doesn’t believe in marriage. But that doesn’t mean that he’s immune to temptation. And that’s just what Trinity is – Temptation! The second Red meets her, sparks fly. Before he knows it, something that was supposed to be a one-night stand turns into a three-month stand. Then suddenly, with no warning, she breaks it off.

Red should let her disappear, but he can’t. He wants her again. But getting what you wish for isn’t always a good thing because when he finds Trinity, he realizes that everything she’s ever told him about herself was a lie. Worse, she has a little surprise for him. Learn More >>>

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Pleasure Website CoverPleasure (Book 4)

Scottie Harper was Logan Avery’s first love. He was so crazy about her that he handed her his heart on a platter. She promised she’d keep it safe, instead she mercilessly broke it. Then she left.

Years later, she’s back, and she’s nothing like Logan remembered. Now there are shadows in her eyes and she has ‘Do Not Touch’ signs all over her luscious curves. And that’s a problem… because he still wants to touch.

However, regardless of the sparks that still fly whenever they’re in the same room, he’s not sure he should look back. Their past still haunts him. He’s torn between the love he still has and the agony she caused him. Is he strong enough to let himself fall again? Learn More >>>

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