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WHAT I’M WATCHING: Republic of Doyle

RepublicOfDoyle_CompleteI know, I know. You’re probably wondering how in the world I got to a series that was born 10 years ago in Canada. What can I say? I’m adventurous. This is how it happened; I got roped into watching Listener and finished it thinking, “Hmm… that was good. What else do the Canadians have?” Somehow I ended up watching Republic of Doyle.

This one is for the lovers of Investigative Dramas with a bit of comedy, and some romance thrown in. The series has got a strange name, I admit, but once you get into it, you’ll forget the name.

Jake Doyle and his father, Malachi are private investigators. How did they get there? Malachi is a retired cop. Jake was in the force at one time but he quit because he’s just not a rules guy, plus he hates guns. Their investigations (some a tad bit illegal) never seem to go smoothly. Things tend to go wrong when Jake’s around.

If you’re expecting some CSI stuff here, you won’t find it here. This series is focused more on the comedy and the relationships of its extensive cast of characters. The main love interest in this show is Leslie. Not gonna lie – I was not feeling her. But Jake and Malachi’s antics kept me watching. Some people like the show was a bit cheesy, however, I think the characters were really deep and some (not all) of the episodes were complex.

THE VERDICT: 7/10 for a good-looking male lead who is not afraid to be clumsy

Tell me what you think about it after you’re done. And if you’ve got a good YouTube or Web-show that you think I should check out; let me know below.

What I’m Watching: Unfamous

Unfamous PosterUnfamous isn’t exactly new but I’ve been sitting on it awhile, mostly because I had other things I wanted to watch. But finally, I sat down to watch it. And I was… impressed? The question mark is only because I don’t normally do ‘new-adult’ style dramas. I usually like my characters a little older and wiser. But since we’re here… what the hell, let’s do this.

This Britain-based web series chronicles the life of Rio Greene, a first year university student. Back in high-school (or college as they call it), Rio wasn’t that popular or ‘fly’ and that contributed to her losing her boyfriend. Now that she’s in uni, she sets out to shed off her low social status and become Unfamous (code for popular). Along the way, she goes through a lot of relationship issues including wavering between her ex Nathaniel and her best-friend, Tyson.

Apart from Rio’s thirst for popularity, the show also tackles other social issues including domestic violence, sex and intimacy, teen pregnancy, materialism etc. There are lots of other characters who’ll catch your attention. Needless to say, this is one for those who are young at heart and/or age.

THE VERDICT: 7/10 for interesting characters

Watch The Unfamous Series HERE

Tell me what you think about it after you’re done. And if you’ve got a good YouTube or Web-show that you think I should check out; let me know below.