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No Rest For The Wicked

I’m hard at work on The Bridal Candidate but I had to stop by and thank y’all for picking up Wicked Temptation and leaving your reviews. Anything I say will not be enough to express how grateful I am that even when I get lost, you guys are always there ready to welcome be back.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Be blessed.

Now, The Bridal Candidate………..

The Bridal Candidate 2-001In two days I’ll be done with the first draft, and I’ll start sharing them teasers with you. Meanwhile, I’m already thinking of covers. This is what I had when I was thinking of posting it on Wattpad (the cover beside this paragraph).

Of course I can’t use it since it has Orlando and Condola Rashad on the cover. But it got me thinking,  what BWWM books awed you with their covers? I’d love to know. Post a link below or if you’re shy message me on lindaverji@aol.com.

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Being Mary Jane: In Memory Of Lisa

I know. I know. Her suicide is so two weeks ago. Y’all have burnt your handkerchiefs, tossed her ashes into the sea and are now focused on Kara and her leech of a man. But sorry, I’m still in mourning. I’m up here looking at pictures of Lisa like she’s a real person and replaying Episode 3, even though each time I watch it my icy heart cracks another inch.Lisa Hudson

I’ll be the first to admit, I was not a fan. Lisa was as trifling as they come, a shockingly horrible friend, self-esteem issues higher than Everest, that cocky bitch who has no problems preaching to you when her own life is a godawful mess, jealous as Future whenever someone even thinks of the name Russell… Lawd, that woman!

But I didn’t want her to die.

I’m mad at you, Mara. Lisa has been to hell, and was still trying to make her way back. Yes, she was a shitty, shitty friend but MJ isn’t exactly a prize either. MJ was a pro at rubbing Lisa’s failures in her face and some of the cruel nonsense she said to her supposed friend would’ve made me burst the windows out her car. Yes, the whole Lisa/David thing should not have happened. But Mr. IT was equally, if not more, to blame for that mess. He took advantage of an emotionally compromised woman with feelings for him, probably in an effort to get back at MJ. Got some cash from aforesaid damaged woman and then when he was all good decided that he just didn’t feel the same way about her. Further damaging her.

Oh, Mara, couldn’t you let Lisa her fix her life first before you gave her the chop? Now, I understand that you’re trying to keep the story as true to real life as possible, where more often than not shit happens and happy endings are more or less temporary. But you could’ve spared her. Here are some options instead; you could’ve let her run away from home. I mean she could’ve gone to that Kenyan volunteering trip or whatever to find herself. Heck, she could have joined a nunnery… but no, she just had to give us a permanent goodbye.

Then because y’all are just cruel, you had to squeeze the life out of her whole death scene, got us crying for forty damn minutes. As if that’s enough you knock us over the head with the info that she was abused since she was nine by her trifling ass no-shame step father. And her mama is still with that ‘thing’ after all these years (that’s that bullsh*t right there). This is information you should’ve dropped in season 1 so we would understand where Lisa’s coming from and not hate her so much. Now I’m up here feeling guilty for all the names I called Lisa.


I’m going to stop there. Because in the famous words of Snooky, ‘I can’t. I just can’t’.


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Is It Infatuation? Is It Love?

CLUES-TO-FIND-YOUR-LOVE-IS-TRUE-OR-INFATUATIONIt happened instantly – infatuation
It developed over time – love

I can’t even stand to be near him because I get all giddy and dumb-founded – infatuation
I’m most comfortable around him and could spend the whole day just talking to him – love

The longer I stay with him, the weaker my feelings for him – infatuation
The longer I stay with him, the stronger my feelings for him – love

When we have a disagreement I’m scared of hashing it out because it might lead to a break up – infatuation
When we have a disagreement I’m willing to talk it out because I know our relationship will survive – love

I seem to be the one who does everything in the relationship (call him, organize for dates) and go out of my way to please him – infatuation
We have a give and take relationship and when I feel he’s not doing his part I can talk to him without fear of our relationship disintegrating – love

We have more sex than we talk – infatuation
Our relationship is much more than a physical relationship. We could spend a whole night just talking about our hopes and dreams and still feel fulfilled – love

What’s your criteria for love?

Forever Kind Of Love

I’m currently writing ‘Don’t Say No’ a story about two people reliving a past love and I say write it I can’t help but wonder, does forever love really exist?

Broken HeartA lot of us have experienced a deep kind of love where you were willing to give your all for that one person. Where you thought they were going to be forever and would never hurt you. Then something happened. You found out a secret, someone cheated, a mother-in-law was horrible, In ‘Don’t Say No’ it’s a case of being walked out on right when you need that person most. Things happened and you broke up. But despite the stars being swiped away from your heart, you can’t let go. You don’t trust that person but you love them.

Therein lies the problem.

Can you love one person for the rest of your life despite all the crap they put you through? Or does the love go away when they’re no longer the shiny jewel you thought they were? I don’t think is does, because I’ve seen a lot of people going back to past loves, even when they don’t trust them, just because that deep connection is still there. We hope that person will change.

Sometimes they do, sometime they don’t.

Even when the situation doesn’t get better some part of you still remains vulnerable to them, hoping for that change. Is it because we’re stupid people who are too optimistic or are we a slave to that mythical forever kind of love. Like a drug it addicts and enslaves until even if you know that someone is bad for you, you keep going back for more.

Too bad no one’s come up with a Love Rehab Center

So what do you do when you’re enslaved by a bad kind of forever love? Stay with it and risk even more hurt? Replace it? From my experience it is hard to find someone else who gives you that same ‘high’ who makes you feel as deeply as that one person did. Does it mean that because the love isn’t so powerful this time, you’ve settled? Or do you just keeping searching with the risk that you’ll never find it and be too old for any kind of love when you realize it.