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Have You Read ‘DON’T SAY NO’

Long lost love who ditched her? Check

Brother who keeps getting into trouble and dragging her in with him? Check

Nephew to protect? Check

Melanie has more problems than she needs. She certainly doesn’t need her ex barging into her life and making promises they both know he can’t keep. But he’s here – and her heart won’t listen to her head.



Melanie Daniels has her hands full trying to protect her family from the neighborhood gangster. The last thing she needs is her old flame and first love, Nicolás ‘Nic’ Gavilan, barging into her life and offering help she hasn’t asked for. But as difficult as it is to admit it, she needs him. She can’t afford to say no.

Nine years is a long time to love someone from afar. Nic stepped away from Melanie to protect her, but now that trouble is at her doorstep, he can no longer watch from a distance. He is determined to keep their relationship strictly platonic, help her and be on his way. But the heart wants what it wants, and even the best laid plans can go wrong.



Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZMPD5W8/

iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/dont-say-no/id1007061232/

Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dont-say-no-linda-verji/1122151567

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ww/en/ebook/don-t-say-no-3

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25725637-don-t-say-no

MORE THAN FRIENDS: What You Didn’t Know

More Than Friends is finally published. Finally! I know you all were wondering if that book would ever be completed, but I did it. If you haven’t read the book yet, please get it before you read this article because we’re about to have some major spoilers out here. You can GET IT HERE.

Okay, here’s a few things you didn’t know about More Than Friends.



I got a lot of private messages if I was okay while writing this book. First, thanks for being worried about me. It’s great to know that they’re great people out there who care about me. Second, no there was nothing wrong with me. It’s just that my real life was a bit hectic; COVID scares, a wedding (not mine), a funeral (definitely not mine) and a break up (mine). Add that to the personal finance & investment classes that I decided to take this year and the writer’s block caused by long periods of not writing. Things have calmed down a lot this month, so let’s hope they stay that way as I start to write something new.



Those of you who read More Than Friends on Wattpad had a grand old time cussing out Piper, and I was right there with you. The lady was a real piece of work. Someone wrote to me saying that she was such a ridiculous person that she almost seemed unreal. No one can be so selfish. And to that… I laughed. Because she is based on someone real. Yes people, I know someone who acts exactly like this.

Anyone who knows a true narcissist will tell you that this is exactly how they act. They hurt people then expect forgiveness. If they don’t get it immediately, they gaslight you into believing that you’re the bad person for not understanding them. Piper is in that club. If you know someone like her in real life, then receive my condolences. Let’s start a support group lol.



Though Kit’s adoption was mentioned, I kind of glossed over it. That was mostly because I didn’t want to bog down the book with lots of backstory when y’all just came for a good love story. But if you’re interested in how it happened, here’s the scoop.

Kit was the child of teenagers. Two high school kids who played adult games and unfortunately experienced the harsh consequences. His biological mother was the daughter of strict parents, and his biological father was the son of absentee parents. As you can imagine, they would have had a hard, hard time raising a baby so they did what they thought was the best thing for Kit. They gave him up for adoption.

At eighteen, Kit was able to access his adoption records. He didn’t ask his adoptive parents to find them for him because he was afraid that they’d be hurt and think that he didn’t love them. But frankly, it was just curiosity to find out who he came from. By the time, he and Amarie found his adoptive parents they were both adults with their own families. Kit saw no need to rock their present boats when he already had loving parents. So yeah, his biological parents are out there!



 I think I touched on Amarie and Louie’s relationship a bit but let me explain lest you think that she hates her father. Louie is a workaholic which means his family is his second priority, work is his first. Winter, a stay at home, raised the girls (Tammy and Amarie) practically on her own. She disciplined them, gave them the love they needed, went to their parent-teacher meetings etc

Because Louie is an introvert and also rarely spent time with the girls, they had no time to connect with him. To them, he’s just their father, the guy who locks himself in his office, the guy who pays their college fees yet doesn’t even know what college they attend. I think there are a lot of parents like these out there. They’re just providers but are really disconnected from their kids. Don’t be them.



Yes, even though she was mentioned just a couple of times, Tamara is really a member of the family. She is four years older than Amarie, and lives in Canada with her Somali husband and three kids (two boys, one girl). Unfortunately, she quit her music career and is now working a nine-to-five in a PR company. But she’s okay with that. Sometimes you have to trade in your dreams for true happiness. Maybe I’ll write her story one day. Maybe.



Tell me you’ve heard this song. Tell me you’ve heard it! If you haven’t, then let me lead you out from under that rock because this jam will blow your mind.



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Crossing The Invisible Line Between Friendship & Love Is Risky Business

It started with a crush. The best stories always do.

Now Amarie has started a fire that even her hot-as-hell, firefighter best-friend, Kit, can’t put out.

More Than Friends is now available for your reading pleasure.

MTF Website Cover

Being in the friend-zone sucks!

No one knows that better than Amarie Parker. She’s had a crush on her sexy-as-sin best-friend, Kit Iseman, since forever. But he is blind to her feelings… or pretends to be blind. Still, she stays his friend. Watching him date women who are too idiotic to realize how special he is. Desperately hoping that one day he will see her as more than just his sidekick.

However, the return of an old flame makes it clear that living as just his best-friend forever will break her. Now she has to make a hard choice… fight for him or cut him off completely.


To get your copy today, just click on the link to your favorite store/site:

Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B091ZH74F1

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B091ZH74F1

Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B091ZH74F1

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/57660422-more-than-friends


NOTE: More Than Friends is currently discounted at $2.99. Prices will rise to $3.99 on Monday the 12th so grab your copy before then. It is also available for borrowing through Kindle Unlimited.

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WHAT I’M READING: Cynda and The City Doctor by Theodora Taylor

Cynda and the City DoctorTheodora’s books are immediate purchases for me. I don’t even need to read the description because she never disappoints me. This book was no different. I loved it right from the first word to the last.

Dr. Prince and Cynda were legendary. They scorched these pages with their emotions and the fire in their relationship. I was so invested in their happy ending that I felt like these were people I knew. Let me not spoil the book for you. You can read it for yourself. Here’s the description though.


You’re fired.

When my father died and my stepmother cut out, leaving me with two stepsiblings to raise, I figured that would be the biggest surprise of my life. But then the pandemic hit, and my big city ex showed up in my small Missouri town to take over my father’s practice.

What’s the first thing he says to me after three years?

“You’re fired.”

Sooooo…it looks like he totally didn’t appreciate the way things ended between us, and now he won’t settle for anything less than cold, hard revenge.

But as it turns out, I’m the only person in our small town with a rental unit available. And without a job, I’m desperate for a renter.

So now the extremely bitter ex who fired me is living in my backhouse. Way, way closer than I want him to be.

But everything will be fine. I hate him, and he hates me. So nothing’s going to happen between us, right?



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PLEASURE: 7 Things You Don’t Know

Pleasure Website CoverFinally, it’s done. The book that took six long months to write. PLEASURE has finally been published. This is the fourth book in my HEIRS series. To be honest when I planned it out, I expected it to be a fun, easy book. If you’ve read the other three books in the series, then you know that Logan is the fun guy in the group, the party animal. I was going to keep him that way, then Scottie walked in with her baggage. Things got serious real fast.

Despite how long it took to write it, I actually enjoyed the process especially because I was posting on Wattpad and getting your feedback as I went. If you haven’t read it, you should Grab Your Copy. Do that before you read the rest of this post because there will be major spoilers.

Okay, let’s get to it.



You noticed, right? I started this book way, way back in January immediately after the holidays and only just finished it. No, there were no other projects in between, just life stuff. I’m telling you guys, this COVID-19 ish will play games with your mind. Add in a few relationship problems and you can say goodbye to your productivity. I’m actually shocked that the book is over given all the nonsense that was being thrown my way. Speaking of which; I hope you’re well wherever you are. Don’t forget to wear your mask and socially distance.



If you’ve been with me for a while, I think you’ll remember my Trey Songz phase. That was back in 2013 when I was still an innocent college kid with crushes. I didn’t do much fan-fiction back then, but when I did it was his. There’s a short book I wrote back then called ‘Hurting Kind of Love’ that featured a girl who’d been raped then ditched by her boyfriend. This book was a remake of that story and I quite prefer it because the way I dealt with the assault back then was kind of childish. If you read the book, then you know what I mean.



Jack! Jack! Jack. You met Vinny, the first deviant who scarred Scottie. Jack was just mentioned in passing as having died in a car crash. I was going to keep him alive and make him repent, but the thought of him and Scottie existing in the same space just annoyed the hell out of me. So I killed him. #SorryNotSorry.



If you read Lex’s book along with Logan’s book then you already know why Logan was shocked that Bree, his mother, was calling Lex. However, it bears repeating for the late crowd. Bree was unfaithful in her first marriage. Lex was the product of that infidelity and the cause of her divorce from her first husband. Because she was going through ‘stuff’, Bree ditched Lex with his father’s family. Lex’s father was married at the time (and thus had also been unfaithful) so you can imagine the kind of welcome Lex received. He was hated and treated like an outsider in the Bishop family.

Logan Avery  Bree Clementine  Lex Bishop

While ‘healing’ herself, Bree met Logan’s dad, Nick, and Logan was conceived. Given that she dumped him then promptly created a new family, one would understand why Lex can’t stand her. And of course it would be understandable if he hated Logan too. The reason he doesn’t is because Logan practically stalked him into liking him. Lex still hates Bree though.



Remember the marriage that Bree ruined, there was a child of that marriage too. Her name is Leona. The reason she was never mentioned is because she and her brothers have absolutely no relationship. She’s not as forgiving as Lex. So as you can see though Logan’s family seems perfect, it really isn’t. Families are complicated, man.



Still nursing his pride! I don’t think any parent would love being estranged from their children. His pride and insistence that he’s right is what is keeping him apart from them. Will he try to reconcile with them now that Esther has made headway? Probably. But he’s the type who would try to pretend like the past never happened. An apology would never slip from his lips. If you were Scottie or Prince, would you let him back in your life?



I have no idea how I found this song but I did, and once I did I couldn’t unheard it. It’s a catchy tune, perfect for a wedding day or a roman. Listen to it sometime. You’ll like it.

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