Yes, Chef

yc-website-coverSeries: Sizzle & Burn (Book #1)

Genre: Interracial BWWM Romance

Pages: 264 Pages

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Chef Greyson Teller has had a thing for Snow Harrison since the moment she walked into his kitchen asking for a job. When she breaks up with her longtime boyfriend for what has to be the millionth time, he decides that this is finally his chance to show her that he’s the one who truly knows the way to her heart.

It’s about to get hot in the kitchen.

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“You have no idea how frightening you can be.” Snow shot him an amused look. “Every time you stopped at my station I expected you to yell ‘you’re fired’. I was trembling so much I’m surprised I finished service.”

“I’m not that scary!” Greyson knew he was a bit ‘intense’ when in the kitchen but he didn’t think he was that bad. The last thing he wanted was for Snow to be afraid of him.

“Yes, you are.” Her easy smile said she wasn’t that scared of him. “In fact, I’m kind of weirded out right now.”

“Weirded out in a good way or a bad way?”

“Mm…” She cocked her head and studied him before smiling. “In a good way. It’s nice to discover this other normal side of you.”

“What can I say? I’m a man of many sides.” He shrugged even as his eyes remained glued to her. Who knew eating could be so sexy? The way she picked one fry at a time and bit into it, the way she licked her soft inviting lips afterwards. Greyson lifted and bent his leg before propping his arm on his knee to hide the effect her eating was having on him. He cleared his throat before asking, “Which do you prefer?”

Her eyebrows rose in question. “Hmm?”

“Which side do you prefer?” he asked. “Scary Chef or Normal Greyson?”

Her answer came quickly. “Both of them. I like that you’re so commanding and skilled in the kitchen, but I also like that you can let loose when you’re out of it. I think you’re fascinating.”

It would’ve been a lie to say that his ego didn’t swell at her answer – or that the other parts of him that were already swollen didn’t rise. His whole body tensed when she picked another fry and bit into it. His chest tightened as his gaze focused on her mouth, on her lips…

Back away, Greyson. His brain tried to reel him in. Going this fast isn’t a good idea. You should establish a friendly rapport before you let her know that you want something more.

Unfortunately, his body and base instincts were focused on only one thought… what did she taste like? That thought over shadowed all his common sense. It didn’t matter that it was too soon or that she’d just broken up with another man earlier today. He had to taste her.

His movements almost unconscious, he grabbed her wrist before she could pick another fry. He saw the way her eyes widened, the way her lips parted in a shock, the way her breath quickened when he dragged her toward him, yet he couldn’t stop himself. Staring at her dark eyes, he leaned forward to meet her.

She started, “Greyson, what ar-”

He ground his lips to hers and swallowed the rest of that sentence. It was obvious he’d caught her by surprise by the way she stiffened in his arms and stared at him in wide-eyed shock. If he was a better man, he would’ve pulled back then. But only one thought kept circling his senses… taste her.

So he did. He licked across her mouth tasting salt, then took her bottom lip between his lips and suckled. Ah! She tasted just as good as he expected. Salt and sweetness mingled together in a heady mix that almost stopped his heart. He wanted more… oh, how he wanted more. But her lips were still beneath his and he didn’t want to force her into kissing him. So he pulled back – far enough that their lips weren’t quite touching but close enough that he could feel her breath on his lips.

They stared at each other. Greyson couldn’t tell how long that stare lasted because it felt like a lifetime yet too short of a time. The look in her eyes was unreadable, contemplative… leaving him wondering what she was thinking. Did she want to slap him? Did she want to shove him away? If she’d done any of those things, he would’ve pulled back. But she didn’t. Snow’s eyes lowered to his lips then she moved forward. Her eyes drifted shut as their lips connected again.

Then it was too late for either of them.

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