The Games We Play

TGWP Website CoverSeries: Sizzle & Burn (Book #2)

Genre: Interracial BWWM Romance

Pages: 250

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Ex-baseball player, Roman Teller is everything a woman could want; tall, handsome and successful. And April Merit is no exception. She’s had a crush on him from the moment his foul ball knocked her out. Ten years later, Roman’s still sexy as sin – and way out of her league. But that only makes her want him more.

As a celebrity, Roman has had all sorts of women throw themselves at him. He’s learnt the hard way never to trust any of them – not even April. Even though he wants April in every way possible, she’s a no-go zone. And so far he’s done a great job of resisting her charms.

But that all changes when another man walks into her life.


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“You might as well have,” Roman grumbled as he glared at her. “Stop playing with that guy or things will get worse.”

April’s perfectly arched eyebrows shot up. “What makes you think I’m playing?”

“Aren’t you?” He paused before saying, “We both know you’re into me, so what are you doing with that kid?”

She stared at him for a long uncomfortable moment before giving a short chuckle. “I think you’re mistaken. I was into you.” Her voice was full of derision as she added, “And now, I’m over you.”

He leveled a narrow-eyed glower at her. “You know you’re not.”

“I know I am,” she countered tightly.

“You’re just mad at me, but you’re not over me.” Even to his own ears, Roman sounded like an egomaniac. But he couldn’t help it – he refused to believe that April could move on from him so easily. “You can’t just stop loving someone so suddenly.”

She canted her head and glared at him. “And yet I did.”

“No, I don’t believe it.” Roman shook his head slowly as his gaze remained locked on her. “You know what I think?”

“I don’t care what you think,” she retorted sharply, anger evident in the depths of her brown eyes.

He went on anyway, “I think you’re pretending to be interested in Javier so you can look like you’re over me.”

“Is that what you think?” She snorted. “You’re delusional.”

“Am I?” He reminded her, “You loved me for ten years. You can’t just get over me like that.”

Roman didn’t even know why he was goading her into admitting her feelings for him. All he knew that there was this really hot ball of emotion in his chest that seemed to burn every time he so much as thought of April with Javier – or any other man. Right now that ball was inflamed and its heat was scorching a path through every inch of his body and burning his rationality as it went.

April rolled her eyes. “Think whatever you want. But I know how I feel, and I feel nothing for you.”

“Are you sure?” He took a step towards her.

She stood firm and lifted her chin. “Yes.”

“Are you really sure?” He took another prowling step towards her, steadily closing the distance between them.

Frowning, she stepped back. “Yes.”

“You don’t love me anymore?” he asked as he took another step forward.

“No, I d-” She paused, his proximity clearly unnerving her, and took a step back and straight into his desk. Her ass bumped against the desk’s edge, forcing her to sit down. “What are you doing?”

He pressed on until his knee knocked hers, then he moved even closer. The moment he felt her inner thighs lightly graze the outside of his legs, his cock jerked in immediate awareness.

April’s breath hitched and panic flashed in her eyes as they flew to his. “Roman, what are you doing?”

The air seemed to crackle all around them. Roman was suddenly very aware of the thrum of excitement pounding deep in his stomach as he lowered his hands to her thighs and forced them apart so he could fit his body even closer into hers. “You don’t love me anymore?”

“Roman!” she exclaimed, but there was sexy huskiness to her voice and her eyes hooded as if made heavier by desire. Then she licked her bottom lip.

With that one lick, she eviscerated any semblance of self-control Roman might have had.

“You still love me,” he rasped before lowering his mouth down to hers.


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