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His Secret Desire by Linda Verji 1600x2500-001

Series: Atlanta Nights Novel #1

Genre: African-American Erotic Romance

Pages: 276

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Olivia Armstead is all wrong for Marcel Isaac.

She’s too crazy, too unpredictable and worse still, in love with his best friend.
So why is he so drawn to her? Why can’t he keep his eyes – and hands – away from her? Why has he just registered at the gym she works at? Hell if he knows! The truth is she has a wicked way with weight machines and an even wickeder way of turning his head.

There is just something about Olivia that has him wondering if there are more hidden depths to her than he realizes. And their chemistry is like a lightning bolt of lust – hard to hide from. Despite Marcel’s attempts to remain aloof, his hunger for her is as real as the sweet taste of her lips and the way her body fits deliciously against his.

But even as passion sizzles between them and their feelings grow deeper, past loves, loyalty and hidden nemeses still tug at them; forcing them to keep their desires secret.

Can love grow where secrets abound?

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