More Than Friends

MTF Website CoverGenre: Interracial Contemporary Romance

Pages: 243 Pages

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Being in the friend-zone sucks!

No one knows that better than Amarie Parker. She’s had a crush on her sexy-as-sin best-friend, Kit Iseman, since forever. But he is blind to her feelings… or pretends to be blind. Still, she stays his friend. Watching him date women who are too idiotic to realize how special he is. Desperately hoping that one day he will see her as more than just his sidekick.

However, the return of an old flame makes it clear that living as just his best-friend forever will break her. Now she has to make a hard choice… fight for him or cut him off completely.



“Get off me!” She jerked against him, which only made things worse because heat and instinctive need rushed through him.

“No,” he repeated, realizing that any second now, she’d feel the evidence of his lust. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the luxury of getting off her. Instinct told him that if he moved even an inch, she’d be out of here faster than he could say ‘stop’.

Thankfully, Amarie was too wrapped up in her rage to notice what was going on downstairs. Scowling up at him, she repeated, “Get off me, Kit.”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on.” His voice softened. “Ri, tell me why you need space from me. What have I done wrong?”

She didn’t answer. All he got was another glower. For some reason, that glare and their proximity made him want to kiss her, but he held back.

“Talk to me, Ri,” he coaxed, keeping his gaze locked on hers. “What have I done?”

She still didn’t say anything, but soon, tears filled her eyes. The tears jolted him. In that moment, he realized that she wasn’t just angry. She was hurt too. The problem was that he didn’t know how he’d hurt her.

Letting her hand go so he could cup her cheek, he coaxed, “Tell me what’s going on.”

Amarie didn’t say anything for a while. She just stared at him with those tear-filled brown eyes for what seemed like an eternity before whispering, “I like you.”

Confused by how the conversation had gone from fighting to affection, he returned, “I like you too, Ri.”

She stared at him for another long moment before saying, “No, not in that way. I like you. As a man. Not as a friend. I like like you.”

“What?” Kit went completely still. His world stopped for a minute as his brain struggled to process what he’d just heard. Surely, he’d misheard her. “You like me? As a man?”


Still not sure that he wasn’t hallucinating this conversation, he repeated, “You like me?”

“Yes, I like you.” Taking advantage of his confusion and relaxed body, she shoved him upward, forcing him to sit. She sat up too. His confusion must’ve been amusing because she smiled through her tears. “Threw you a curveball, didn’t I?”

He opened his mouth to say that this was more than a curveball. It was a grenade. But the words wouldn’t slip past his lips. He was still in shock.