Wicked Temptation

WT eBook CoverSeries: Hollis Brothers (Book #2)

Genre: Interracial Romantic Suspense

Pages: 309

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Billionaire, Daniel Landa-Hollis has always loved his best friend, Misha, but his one attempt at seducing her ended in disaster. However, with one passion-filled kiss, his feelings are rekindled and this time he’s determined not to give up as easily. Even as they work together to solve a murder involving one of city’s prominent families, Danny is intent on showing her that he is far more than a side-kick.

He’s her one.

Plagued by seemingly insane fears, investigative journalist, Misha Alexander has kept her desires for Danny under lock and key. Danny’s pursuit of her throws her off balance and she is determined to resist him. However, the deeper they wade into their case, the harder it becomes.

Sparks fly between them as they sort through dirty family laundry, twisted lies and murder to find the truth. But within the truth are fears and secrets that hold the power to tear them apart. Now, Misha must decide if she’s willing to risk Danny’s life for a chance at love.

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She soothed a palm over his neck before easing her hand into his hair. The soft strands fell around her fingers as his head lolled forward. “Will you help me?”

“No.” He shook his head, but it wasn’t as emphatic.

“Please,” she pleaded as she massaged his scalp. His responsive groan was so low, she didn’t think he meant for her to hear it. Hmm, so his scalp was a soft spot. Saving that information for a rainy day, she repeated, “Please.”

He turned his head and his hooded eyes met hers. In his gaze she saw arousal; powerful, heated arousal. It hit her like a freight train because arousing him wasn’t her intentions. Yet, there it was, clear as daylight.
Her pulse stuttered in its path, her breath caught and her hand stopped its massaging motion. Seeing his head moving towards her, she mentally screamed at her body to move away from him, yet it stayed put.

Caught in the trap of his desire.

Danny stopped a hair’s breath away from her, as if waiting for her to back away. She should have. But for the life of her she couldn’t remember why. Her dazed mind no longer cared about the consequences of getting closer.

He touched his lips to hers.

Just a touch, but it was enough to send ripples through all her nerves. Neither of them moved their lips, no tongues met, yet that one touch was like being struck by a million volts of lightning. And when he retreated slightly so only his breath washed over her lips all she wanted to do was push his head closer so he could kiss her. Really kiss her.

He murmured, “Okay.”

For a moment she was too mesmerized by his lips and eyes to understand what he was saying ‘okay’ to, until he added, “I’ll help you out.”

His words were enough to break the magical spell he’d cast over her, yanking her back into reality. Misha quickly withdrew her hand from his hair and scooted away from him.

“Um… uh… thanks,” she tripped over her words as she stood up and backed toward the door. “Um… okay. Sarah left food in the microwave. But I’ll go warm it up and-”

Screw it! She fled the room without finishing the sentence.

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