Lose Control

LC Website CoverSeries: Firebacks (Book #3)

Genre: African-American Erotic Romance

Pages: 263

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Dr. Eli Stone has a reputation for being demanding, picky and extremely proper. Chryssa Williams is everything he’s not: vivacious, straightforward and very, very sexual. Which makes her just perfect for the job he’s offering. Someone to help him lose control!

Chryssa loves a good challenge. Despite the good doctor’s straitlaced ways, he fascinates her beyond reason. The only problem is she’s got a few dark secrets of her own that make emotional entanglement dangerous. Can she play with Eli without getting her heart involved?


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Chryssa Williams.

Just what he needed to ruin a good day!

Eli barely held back his groan of irritation as his eyes met Chryssa’s. For Pete’s sake, he had to see the woman every time he went to the Ford’s house. Did she also have to stalk him in his workplace?

How such a blood-sucking viper could look so good was beyond Eli. But she did. Even seated, Home-Breaker Williams (as he’d dubbed her in his head) was a sight to behold. From the hair pulled into a sexy teacher’s chignon to the pencil skirt that skimmed over her curves erotically.

His body screamed for him to turn tail and run, but his brain reminded him that he still had to find out his clinic hours for the week and that he was no coward. With barely a pause in his step he yanked his gaze away from hers and strode towards the enquiries desk with every intention of ignoring her, getting his information and getting out of there as fast as he could.

Maybe she’ll ignore me too.

Obviously it was too much to hope for because she met him at the counter.

“Hi, Eli.” She was the first to speak. Figures! Chryssa was always the first to speak. She’d spoken him right out of half of his property.

“Hi,” he returned before turning to the nurse. “Angie, do you have my schedule for the clinic?”

“Let me just get it for you.”

He studiously tried to ignore the woman standing next to him as he watched Angie – tried being the operative word. It was hard to ignore Chryssa, not when her sweet scent – something with flowers – teased his senses or when her body lightly brushed up against his. It was hard not to notice that in her heels she was just the right height he liked on his women, tall enough that he wouldn’t have to bend when they kissed.

Kissing Chryssa? When hell froze over.

“What you doing?” she asked in a singsong voice.

“Getting my schedule,” he returned curtly his gaze still straight ahead on Angie. Bring the damn schedule already.

“Schedule for what?” The woman was just determined to start a conversation with him, wasn’t she?

Eli gave a silent ‘hallelujah’ when Angie returned with the information he wanted. The moment she handed it to him, Eli turned on his heels headed for his office.

It didn’t surprise him at all to hear the sound of Chryssa’s heels tapping rapidly behind him. She said, “You didn’t answer my question.”

Ignoring her, Eli lengthened his stride. He should’ve counted on her dogged determination because her speed increased to match his. Her voice was breathless as she repeated, “You didn’t answer my question.”

He pushed open the door, but before he could shut it in her face, she’d already wiggled her way into his office. He could’ve simply dragged her out but Eli wasn’t really the drag-women-around kind of man and Chryssa was definitely not the kind of woman anyone could drag out of anywhere unless they were looking to lose an eye.

With narrowed eyes, Eli watched her walk to his desk and put her handbag on its polished top before she pushed back his leather seat and sat back on it. Comfortable as you please! If the vein on his temple wasn’t already throbbing madly – it would’ve started now. The nerve!

Swinging to and fro on the chair, she asked, “How’s work?”

“It’s Dr. Stone.” He ground the words through his teeth. “And could you leave my office? I’ve got work to do.”

Ignoring his order, she traced one manicured finger over the shiny wood, “Why are you so rude to me?”

“Are you serious?” Eli folded his arms over his chest as he leant back against the door. If she could pretend this was just a casual chat so could he. “After you ruined my marriage you still want me to act like we’re cool?”

Instead of blowing up like he expected her to at the insult, she simply threw her head back and laughed “Eli, your small dick ruined your marriage not me.”

“I don’t have a small dick,” Eli felt compelled to defend it.

“Then why did Renée cheat on you?” She asked. Renée had been Eli’s high school sweetheart. She was the cheerleader, he was the geek. She must’ve seen his potential because even after he’d graduated, earlier than all his classmates; she’d still remained by his side. They were married for fourteen years, happily he’d thought, till he’d discovered her in their bed banging their plumber.

Seemingly unaware that she was treading on thin ground and only making him angrier, Chryssa continued, “Women only cheat for two reasons. Either your dick was too small or you didn’t have the money to make up for it. You’ve obviously got the money so…”
The absurdity of this conversation didn’t escape him. One minute she was stalking him and now they were talking about his…appendage. However he still felt the need to defend himself. “Not everything’s about sex.”

“That’s what all the small-dicked boys in the yard say.” She laughed again before leaning back on his seat. “It’s a pity really. Apart from the ridiculous high yellow color thing you’ve got going, you’re kind of okay looking.”

Chryssa must be getting her quack theories from Wikipedia because no one had ever complained about the size of his dick. Eli repeated, “I don’t have a small dick.”

“Don’t you?” Her eyes took on a measuring look before she stood up from the seat. There was a small smile on her face as she walked– make that prowled towards him.

Instinctively Eli moved to the side of the door, but she kept coming.

“Stop following me,” he said as he slid along the length of the wall. She was so close now that her enticing scent assailed his senses.

“I just wanna see if your dick is small.”

Eli was rendered speechless and motionless at that answer. This woman was mad. His temporary paralysis was all she needed to crowd him against the wall and place her small hand on his dick over her scrubs.

“What…what are you doing?” Eli somehow managed to stammer. Obviously Stone Jr. was quicker and he immediately jumped in response to her touch. Eli could’ve moved. He could’ve pushed her away. After all he didn’t even like her, but five months was a long time to go without sex and the impromptu grope felt so good.

“Dr. Stone. Dr. Stone. Dr. Stone.” There was melodic awe in her words as she looked up at him. “You certainly do not have a small dick.”

He didn’t know where to focus her small teeth biting sexily on her lush lower lip or the hand that stroked up and down his dick. She wasn’t looking at him. All her concentration was on the actions of her hand on his rapidly lengthening rod pushing against his scrubs.
He fit just right into her palm and her practiced stroke. This was torture being so vulnerable to this woman, yet there was nothing he wanted more right now than to never have it stop. He wanted it to grow into more. He tipped her chin, tilting her face up. He closed his eyes, lowering his head so their lips could meet. Instead all he met was thin air.

Just suddenly as it had started, it stopped.

Chryssa backed away from him only to sit on the edge of his desk. She looked completely unaffected, as if she hadn’t just been giving him a hand job a second ago. Even her voice was steady when she mused, “So it’s not the money? And it’s not the dick…”

Eli couldn’t believe this. While he still stood with his back against the wall, pulsing and hard like a hormonal teenage boy, she was seated there trying to figure his divorce? Something was wrong with that scenario.

Her eyes widened before her lips widened into a knowing smile, “You’re a prude in bed. That’s it isn’t it?”

Eli could feel the blood drain out of his face. She had just cracked his code. Renée had called him unadventurous more than one time. What did she want? For him to bring fireworks into their bed? Obviously the plumber carried some in his tool-box because last he’d heard they were still together.

Chryssa read the answer in his eyes because she burst into ringing laughter again. It was a laughter designed to not just trample a man’s ego, but to crush it with a hammer till nothing was left of it but ashes. Even the erection she’d just given him wilted under the force of her amusement.

“Eli. Eli. Eli.” She was still laughing when she picked her bag from the desk, slung it on her shoulder and walked to the door. Eli could still hear the echo of her laughter in her office even after she shut the door behind her.


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