When Lee bumps into A.J as she’s running from a group of gangsters, he’s instantly smitten. But that’s because he doesn’t know a few things about her:

One – she just got out of jail

Two – they’ve met before

Three – she knows things about him. Things he probably doesn’t want to remember.

Though A.J insists that she’s not interested in Lee, she can’t ignore the desire that he stirs with his hungry gaze.  Her brain tells her that a relationship between them would only lead to disaster, but her heart is speaking an entirely different language. It wants Lee. Badly.

But can she handle the consequences of having him? Will her secrets, and his own, be their undoing?

UPDATE 1: October 15 2017

Now that How To Tempt A Crook is off my table, it’s time to move on to the next book. Already, I’m late with this series. My plan was to release this book either last month or this month, so now I’m racing like my life depends on it. But don’t worry, I won’t give you shoddy work just because I want to put out a book.

Anyway, back to our story of the month – How To Love A Crook. This one is about A.J. Do you remember her? She’s Kelly’s former cellmate – the one who’s like a ticking time bomb. In this book you’ll know why and also meet her hero – Lee. Well, that’s a little inaccurate. A.J is more than qualified to be her own hero…. you’ll see why I’m saying that. For now it’s my secret.

A.J & Lee

Where am I with the book? I’m done planning and with two chapters. I’ll let you know far I am next week.


UPDATE 2: October 23 2017

Damn! I’m flying through this book. Can you believe I’m already on Chapter 11 (It has 22 Chapters right now)? Believe it! That’s how into this book I actually am. A.J is my girl. Right from the go, she’s showing herself to be the kind of bad ass I like. Lee isn’t too bad himself – but he doesn’t know what I’ve got waiting for him…. hehehehehe

Considering that I’m already halfway through this book, there’s a good chance it won’t see the light of Wattpad. This one is headed straight to Amazon. Hope you’re ready for it. I know I am.


UPDATE 3: November 8 2017

I told you I was flying through this book. I’m now done writing the first draft. I plan on starting the rewrites on Monday (the 13th) but with how psyched I am about this book, don’t be too surprised if I cut short my break and get right into it.


UPDATE 4: November 14 2017

Surprise, surprise! I managed to hold on until the beginning of this week to start my edits. Usually my editing process goes like this;

  1. Read through to fix inconsistencies, fill in descriptions that I missed while sprinting through the first draft and add emotions
  2. More in-depth edit to fix issues at the line (phrase) level
  3. Global edit where I find and replace/delete phrases and words that I know I have problems with
  4. Copy-editing with a grammar software like Pro-Writing Aid
  5. Send it to an external editor

I just completed the first stage yesterday and I started on the second stage today. It’s the most intensive stage and will likely take me a week to nine days to complete since I like to work on three chapters a day. Once it’s done the rest are a breeze and you’ll likely hear a release date from me very, very soon.

But just know, the book is already done, done, DONE 😛😛😛