Being in the friend-zone sucks!

No one knows that better than Amarie Parker. She’s had a crush on her sexy-as-sin best-friend, Kit Iseman, since forever. But he is blind to her feelings… or pretends to be blind. Still, she stays his friend. Watching him date women who are too idiotic to realize how special he is. Desperately hoping that one day he will see her as more than just his sidekick.

However, the return of an old flame makes it clear that living as just his best-friend forever will break her. Now she has to make a hard choice… fight for him or cut him off completely.

UPDATE 1: September 15

New book alert!

In case you weren’t aware, my previous book MONEY CHASER is now published and available for purchase. So go ahead and get yourself a copy. Don’t forget to leave a review once you’re done reading it. Thanks in advance.

Now that Money Chaser is off my table, it’s on to the next book. More Than Friends. This one is going to be an easy ride (I think). Who doesn’t love a good friends to lovers romance? It’s my favorite trope, and I hope it make your list too.

Though I just started it, y’all know that I don’t play with writing. Expect it to be done real soon.

UPDATE 2: October 14

The characters are finally coming to life. Amarie is pretty smart, generous and a great friend. The same with Kit. The two depend on each other for emotional support. In a perfect world, they should be together. But they have a few things keeping them from each other.

Kit Iseman  Amarie Parker

I’m about a quarter way through the book. From my estimation, that means about four weeks to completion. Wish me luck!

UPDATE 3: October 20

Weeeeelll, things changed.

I decided to post MTF on Wattpad, which means my speed has lessened slightly because I have to edit as I go along. No problem though, I’ll adjust.

If you want to peek at the book as I write, here’s the link: