Being in the friend-zone sucks!

No one knows that better than Amarie Parker. She’s had a crush on her sexy-as-sin best-friend, Kit Iseman, since forever. But he is blind to her feelings… or pretends to be blind. Still, she stays his friend. Watching him date women who are too idiotic to realize how special he is. Desperately hoping that one day he will see her as more than just his sidekick.

However, the return of an old flame makes it clear that living as just his best-friend forever will break her. Now she has to make a hard choice… fight for him or cut him off completely.

UPDATE 1: January 4 2021

Happy New Year, kids!

I hope 2021 is treating you well and that it only gets better from this day on.

As for me, I plan to be even more active this year. I’m trying for at least seven books this year but we’ll see how it goes. Crossing my fingers.

My book More Than Friends is still in progress but about to end. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. It’s on my Wattpad ( ). Do it soon because as soon as the book is completed, it’s off to Amazon.