In The WorksSIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE (Working Title)


You know all those bad boys your mama warned you about? Tanner Cross makes them look like amateurs. The man is hot as sin, filthy rich, and can charm the panties off any woman he chooses.

Normally, sensible Zuri Kinslow would never be caught dead near a skirt-chaser like Tanner. But these are special circumstances. Apparently, her ex-husband’s mistress has set her eyes on Tanner. What better way to exact revenge on the woman who ended her marriage than to steal the man she wants?

So here’s the plan: unleash her inner siren, seduce Tanner, make the home-breaker eat crow, then dump the playboy and go her merry way.

Sounds easy, right? Nothing could go wrong with the plan, right? And Zuri certainly won’t end up falling in love with that irresistible rogue, right?.


UPDATE 1: May 2, 2022

Now that Don’t Let Me Fall is out of the way, it’s time to move on to something new. I’m now cooking, Simply Irresistible, a spur-of-the-moment book that was conceived while I was watching a very interesting Netflix series that started with a bang and ended with an ‘eh’. My writer instincts were all like ‘I bet I can give these characters a more satisfying ending than the BS that I just watched.

I’m posting the book on Wattpad ( ) as I write. Have a read for yourself and tell me if you can guess which Netflix series it is. Don’t forget to vote and leave comments. They keep me going and make me write faster.





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