Men call her a gold-digger. Women call her a ho.

Tegan Baptiste calls herself a survivor, doing what she needs to do to pay her bills.

But all that glitters is not gold. Beneath that coveted hill of wealth lies a cesspool crawling with pretense, obsession, envy, judgment and even violence. However, worst in her long list of problems is the dangerous passion brewing between her and Maxwell Ward, the one man she should stay away from.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Eventually, you’ll have to pay your bill. And Tegan’s bill has just been delivered…

UPDATE 1: July 12

New book alert!

In case you weren’t aware, my previous book PLEASURE is published and available for purchase. So go ahead and get yourself a copy. Don’t forget to leave a review once you’re done reading it. Thanks in advance.

Now that Pleasure is off my table, it’s on to the next book. Money Chaser. This one is a single-title book and quite different from my usual stuff. For one, our heroine, Tegan, is no saint. Her choices will leave you raising your eyebrows. Sometimes you’ll root for her, and sometimes you’ll shake your head because you know she’s making dumb decisions. Either way, prepare yourself for a bumpy ride.

You ready?

You can start reading Money Chaser on my Wattpad account:


UPDATE 2: July 21

Money Chaser is flying along. We’re now in Chapter 12 and a lot…. A LOT… of drama has already happened. Tegan, Arthur and Max’s twisted ride is just as bumpy as promised. We’ve got a mad man, a woman who’s desperate to get away from him and a man who just wants to help her out. Like I said, drama.

I should be done in about 2 weeks but I’ll let you know.


UPDATE 3: July 31

We’re in Chapter 20 now, though I’ve only posted up to Chapter 16 and the mess is about to reach its peak. When I say mess, I mean mess. If you’re reading the book on Wattpad then you know that ALL these characters are making crazy decisions, and they aren’t done yet. You should catch up on the book on Wattpad if you haven’t read the book yet.

You can start reading Money Chaser on my Wattpad account: