There are good cops… and then there’s Lucas Gallo!

No one has ever accused Lucas of being good. He’s the kind of man they warn women about. Checkered past, man-whore, cocky… and hot as sin. Good girls can’t handle him. And that’s exactly what Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Mitchell was when they first met; a dewy-eyed good girl who believed in love, roses and everything nice.

Then he broke her heart!

Now she’s back in his life and she’s different – feisty, a little cruel and outrageously irresistible. Innocent, sheltered Jasmine was cute, but this brave, new Jasmine is sexy as hell. Lucas knows that he shouldn’t get close to her because he’ll just hurt her again. That doesn’t change the way her sweet-as-sin kisses have his heart racing and blood boiling. Worse, she keeps diving head-first into danger and has somehow landed on a dangerous murderer’s kill list. Lucas will do anything to keep her safe. But can he keep his desire on a tight leash while he does it?

UPDATE 1: July 23

Now that I’m done with my Crooked in Love series, I thought that I should finish up with Bad Cop a.k.a The Book That Refuses To Get Finished It. If you’ve followed my path to the publishing world then you know that I started Bad Cop in 2014. Every year I start the book afresh with the intention of finally completing it… then I get bored. Why? I suspect it’s because it’s a Romantic Mystery. I prefer either writing pure romance (with family drama) or Romantic Thrillers, but Bad Cop has a lot of investigating. Well, this year I’ve decided to do the ‘Bad Cop Pilgrimage’ again. I’m going to finish this book even if it kills me, so help me God.

The good news is that even though I’ve restarted the book with a completely different plot line, I’m already in Chapter 12 (or 40,000 words in) which is about halfway done. If I keep on with this pace, I’ll be done with my first draft by the end of next week or just a few days after. Crossing my fingers. #PrayForMe #ThisBookShallBeWritten


UPDATE  2: August 2

Still blazing along. Apparently, this book is going to be much longer than any of my other books. I’m currently on Chapter 23 with 71,000k words done and I’ve still got at least six chapter before I’m done with the first draft. That means my first draft will hit 100k words and my books usually get longer in the second draft. 😳😳 😳

The length is probably because the book has a healthy dose of mystery. I would’ve loved to end at 70k, but you can’t force these things. If the story wants to end at 100k, well…. Linda must keep writing.

Good thing; I’m not bored yet even though I’m sure that I’ll really be done by next week. This book is getting finished. Hah!


UPDATE  3: August 11

I’m done.

Yup, you heard that right. I’m done with writing the First draft of Bad Cop. Y’all thought this day wouldn’t come, didn’t you? That I’d flake again, right? Well… so did I 😉😉

Maybe I should throw myself a party or at the very least buy a trophy because this was my ‘the one that got away’ book. Anyway, now that it’s done, it’s time for me to edit it. Should take me about two weeks but once I’m done I’ll let you know.

PS: Just in case you don’t know yet….. I’m done 😁