Scottie Jackson was Logan Avery’s first love. He was so crazy about her that he handed her his heart on a platter. She promised she’d keep it safe, instead she mercilessly broke it. Then she left.

Years later, she’d back, and she’s nothing like he remembered. Now there are shadows in her eyes and she has ‘Do Not Touch’ signs all over luscious curves. And that’s a problem… because he still wants to touch.

However, regardless of the sparks that still fly whenever they are in the same room, he’s not sure he should look back.  Their past still haunts him. He’s torn between the love he still has and the agony she caused him. Is he strong enough to let himself fall again?

UPDATE 1: April 11

We are back with the Heirs series.

This time it’s Logan, Lex’s brother and the youngest of our boys. He’s rich, handsome and has a personality that attracts both men and women. But behind his smiles is a pain that has prevented him from getting serious with anyone. That pain was caused by Scottie.

I’m really excited to write this one because though I love all the heirs, Logan makes me smile most. Scottie is more serious than he is and as soon as you read the book, you’ll understand why. I just started the book but judging by my enthusiasm, this will probably be one of those books that just fly by I’m currently posting it chapter by chapter on Wattpad as I write ( ).  Come check it out if you have some time.