Wentworth Killion II, heir-apparent to the Killion empire, is filthy rich and used to getting everything he wants. And now he wants his sexy new assistant. Sin is her name, and she makes him think of is new ways to sin. Her full lips and curvy body make him want to play naughty. Seeing her makes his desires boil to the surface, and he wants her in a way he’s never wanted anyone. But there’s a catch…

She’s a con-woman.

Only she doesn’t know that he knows. And she thinks she’s conning him.

He can’t wait to show her what a big mistake it was to target him. This is going to be fun.

UPDATE 1: January 2 2018

A happy new year to you too ❤️

Man, am I glad you managed to cross over into 2018, so many didn’t. So we’re getting a year older… whatever! I still plan to be eighteen till I die.

Alright… back to book matters. We’re starting the year off by writing Book 3 in my Crooked in Love series. It’s all about Sin this month. How far have I gotten? You see that description up there? That’s how far. That’s the sum of everything I know about Sin’s book. 😛

Don’t despair though. If you’ve known me for some time then you know that I always find my way out of the knots I tie myself up in. I bet that by next week I’ll have officially started the book. Keep an eye out.