Some people call Michael Klein responsible and upright. Others say he’s just uptight.

He’s been a single father for so long that words ‘love’ and ‘fun’ have disappeared from his dictionary. That is until Gigi Champion crashes into his uptight world. Gigi’s the pesky neighbor he never wanted. Sure, she’s gorgeous, vivacious and has the prettiest eyes he’s ever seen. But it seems like her mission in life is to make a hot mess of his neat, responsible, o-so-serious world.

She is definitely not his type.

The problem is Michael can’t get her out of his mind. All he wants to do is haul her over his knee and see that pretty mouth of hers open with a pant, a gasp, and then a long moan. But he can’t do that, or can he?

UPDATE 1: March 6

Are you ready for something new? I know I am. Now that Obsession, the first book in my Heirs series has been published, it’s time to move on to the next book in the series, Passion.

Michael KleinPassion follows the love-life of Michael Klein, son of a governor, grandson of a former senator, nephew of a current senator (basically a political family). His family would love to make him a politician too but that’s not his thing. He prefers to be a king- maker and has gone ahead to be one of the most sought after political strategists in Miami.

Work-life aside, Michael is the father of twins, Benny and Riley, who he’s been raising all alone since he was in college. They’re nine years old now and a bundle of trouble, but Michael has managed to raise them the best way he could.

Gigi ChampionNow to our girl. Her name is Gigi Champion (Gigi is short for Georgina), and she is an A-List actress. Her reputation in the industry is that of a down-to-earth black girl with amazing acting skills but amazingly bad luck in love. Some even call her the 90-day girl because her first marriage ended in 90 days. However, people’s opinions have never really mattered to Gigi, she lives her life exactly how she wants to, making the most of each day and having fun while at it.

The moment Michael and Gigi meet, they rub each other the wrong way. Gigi’s all about the fun, while Michael is all responsible bones. But everyone knows… the line between love and hate is really, really, really thin…..

I’ve started writing the story but I’m not even quarter way into it. However, you all know that when I’m into a story I can even write in a month, and I’m really into it. Keep an eye out. ❤️


UPDATE 2: May 12

Lawd! I cannot believe that it’s been two months since I started this book. I’m becoming slower as I age, man. 😂 😂 😂

I’m about to finish though, I promise. I have like five more chapters to write and then I’m done. It’s not a lie 😂

COMING SOOOOOOON (Read that in your Samuel L Jackson voice)


UPDATE 3: May 22

It’s about to go down, y’all. The first draft of the book is done and now I’m on the second draft… you know tidying up the book and stuff. I really hope you guys are going to love the book. I don’t want to spoil the story for you so all I can say is that there’s an enemies-to-lovers thread in there, a eensy weensy teensy bit of mystery (like really teensy) and a healthy dose of the feels.


UPDATE 4: June 26

The book is finished and with the editor. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that it’s done. Man, it took me longer than even I expected but I really love the story and I hope you’ll like it too.

This time I think I’ll use Advance Readers. If you’re interested in being one of my Advance Readers make sure that you are part of my Book Club. Being a member is easy just sign in by clicking on the button below.

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UPDATE 5: July 5

I’m completely done with Passion right now. It’s edited, cover is done… I’m just putting it through the ARC grinder. I haven’t sent it to Advance Readers yet but that will be done from Monday the 8th. If you haven’t yet signed for my Book Club, make sure you do because that’s who will get the opportunity to be an Advance Reader. Just click that big button up there…. the one that says ‘I’d like to Join Linda’s Book Club’.

I expect to publish the book on the 23rd of this month and no later. But if I choose to publish earlier, I’ll let you all know.

Now, I’m not the type to twiddle my thumbs while I’m waiting to publish a book. I’ve already started working on Book 3 of The Heirs series. The book is about Red, the Asian dude in their group. I think you’ll like it. Here’s the rough description.


Billionaire Jared ‘Red’ Kang doesn’t believe in marriage. Everything he’s seen tells him that that institution is a one-way ticket to Misery Island, and he’s doing everything he can to avoid getting trapped into it. But that doesn’t mean that he’s immune to temptation.

And that’s just what Trinity is – Temptation!

The second Red meets her, sparks fly and their chemistry is off the charts. Every time she smiles at him, it takes his breath away. He’s a hot-blooded man and she’s the fire that makes him met. But playing with fire can cause serious burns. Before he knows it, something that was supposed to be just a no-strings attached one-night stand turns into a three-month stand.

Then suddenly, with no warning, she breaks it off.

Red should let her disappear, but he can’t. He’s already addicted to her brand of temptation. He wants her again and he’s ready to tear apart the city to find her. But getting what you wish for isn’t always a good thing because when he finds Trinity, he realizes that everything she’s ever told him about herself was a lie. Worse, she has a little surprise for him.


Are you ready for it? You better be cause I’m already on Chapter 5.


UPDATE 6: July 13

Another good week gone by; We are 10 Chapters down, 14 more to go (I think). That means Temptation will be done in about three weeks. I think you’ll like this one. This week the heroine, Trinity, had to make some tough decision without the input of our hero even though he’s the cause of all her problems. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but at some point I kind of hated my guy. Can he be redeemed? We’ll see.