How To Catch A Crook

HTCAC Website CoverSeries: Crooked in Love (Book 3)

Genre: Interracial BWWM Romantic Suspense

Pages: 372 Pages

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Wentworth Ransom III is filthy rich and used to getting everything he wants. And now he wants his sexy new assistant. Sin is her name, and all she makes him think of is new ways to sin. Her full lips and curvy body make him want to play naughty, seeing her makes his desires boil to the surface, and he wants her in a way he’s never wanted anyone. But there’s a catch…

She’s a con-artist.

Only she doesn’t know that he knows. And she thinks she’s conning him.

He can’t wait to show her what a big mistake it was to target him. This is going to be fun.

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“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Acting like she was annoyed, Sin hopped backwards – or at least tried to.

Worth stopped her by grabbing her thigh. “Where does it hurt?”

It was at that moment that Sin realized her mistake. The ruse was supposed to force even closer proximity between them and make him lust for her even more. However, she hadn’t factored in how good it would feel to have his hand on her.

Running his hand up the side of her thigh then down again, he said, “Tell me when I hit the spot.”

How do you tell a guy that the spot was right between her thighs and it had started throbbing from the moment his large hand had met her thigh?

With a fake wince, she hedged, “It’s right – right in the middle.”

“Here?” His palm came up to the middle of her thigh as he studied her leg.

“There.” She nodded.

“It doesn’t feel too tight,” he mumbled to himself as he ran his fingers along the front of her thigh. “You just need a little massage.”

“O-Oka-” Her words faded away when his hand firmed over her flesh.

The massage was no-nonsense, practical and quite innocent. All Worth did was massage the knots and fibers in her thigh, yet it felt like the most erotic thing anyone had ever done to her. The feeling of him carefully tracing the muscles of her leg then working them powerfully was enough to make her breath catch and every cell in her body come alive.

This wasn’t supposed to be happening. She needed to stop him.

“Stop.” She reached down to clasp her hand over his. “The pain is gone.”

“You sure?” He looked up at her. Though his features were without expression, there was an odd darkness in his eyes that hadn’t been there when he’d started the massage.

“I’m sure.” She forcefully jerked her thigh from his grip. The only pain she was feeling now was the strange ache in her pussy. “You can stop now.”

Later as she took a shower back at her apartment, Sin had to admit; this round was his.


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