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It’s Wicked. It’s Sexy. And It’s Here

Finally! 🙂 🙂 🙂

WS eBook

In case you didn’t get the news yet, Wicked Surrender is here.In this third and final book in the Hollis Brothers’ Series, Mr. Ezekiel Landa-Hollis a.k.a. Zeke gets his happily ever after. And it’s about time. He’s the oldest after all.

The h is called London Pistol. Yup! London Pistol. So you already know you’re up for a wild ride.


He’s the last one standing.

She wants to take him down.

As heir apparent to the Landa-Hollis Empire, Zeke understands all too well how important appearances are, and that his family’s whole legacy rests on his shoulders. One wrong move and everything they’ve built could come crushing down. To him, family and loyalty come first……

Until London Pistol gate crushes her way into his life.

Suddenly he’s plagued by lust and dreams of what could be if he just let loose. But letting loose has consequences…


Get it. Get it. Get it.

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No Rest For The Wicked

I’m hard at work on The Bridal Candidate but I had to stop by and thank y’all for picking up Wicked Temptation and leaving your reviews. Anything I say will not be enough to express how grateful I am that even when I get lost, you guys are always there ready to welcome be back.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Be blessed.

Now, The Bridal Candidate………..

The Bridal Candidate 2-001In two days I’ll be done with the first draft, and I’ll start sharing them teasers with you. Meanwhile, I’m already thinking of covers. This is what I had when I was thinking of posting it on Wattpad (the cover beside this paragraph).

Of course I can’t use it since it has Orlando and Condola Rashad on the cover. But it got me thinking,  what BWWM books awed you with their covers? I’d love to know. Post a link below or if you’re shy message me on

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Behind The Scenes: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About His Secret Desire

His Secret Desire by Linda Verji 1600x2500-001Arguably my least read book, His Secret Desire still remains one of my favorite stories (Daddy’s Home still has my soul). But writing HSD was an interesting experience to say the least. For one it was an unplanned pregnancy. I didn’t intent for this baby to be born. But after I started writing it, I just couldn’t stop. I wrote it in a month which even for me is a record. I always plan my books and this one had a plan too, but plans change. Here are a few fascinating things that changed while the book was being written.


Tay was supposed to end up with Olivia. Originally the story’s theme was to show that sometimes love can happen even when the circumstances seem wrong to people looking in on the outside. But after a few chapters with Tay I was ready to crack his head. His ego. My God. He needed to be brought down two pegs, or three, or hundred


Yup! She was going to be the villainous wife ready to slit Olivia’s throat but after realizing what kind of man she was dealing with, I felt her cold fish ways were completely justified. Some people deal with pain by screaming it out, others hold it in. But damn, that lady was cold. Why would you go to the gym where your man’s mistress works. smh


You know Marcel, from The Originals? Otherwise known as Charles Michael Davis. He inspired our sexy hero. I have a super crash on that man. I mean come on, his smile is just everything. And that voice, and the abs… let me stop because it’s still light outside. Charles just come marry me. I’ve already planned it all, You just need to turn up in church 🙂


Uh-huh. I’d originally planned to give Olivia a tasking career-oriented mother and to make E-Hawk a stay-at home Dad who was very close to Olivia. But things happened, and E-Hawk decided he wanted to be a rapper… Eh! What can you do. These things happen.


This was my original idea of who Olivia looked like : Brittany Clybourn

Her name is Brittany Clybourne, and she makes the word agile look stiff. Anyway that was going to be Olivia but I realized that I always write about dark skin ladies yet POC are made up of so many other colors of the rainbow.

I love Olivia because in society’s eyes she’s the kind of girl men don’t marry. Tatted up to the t, boisterous, red hair, inappropriate dressing… Yet underneath it all, she was just human, damaged yet still trying to make the best of her situation.

If you haven’t read about her, you should. To buy His Secret Desire or to Learn More About it, drop by HERE.


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I’m Alive, I Promise

Yikes! It’s been more than a month since I’ve been active on here. My apologies Ladies and Gents.

Let’s see…. what did you miss while I was away? Well, I was so stupid sick I’d started scaring my siblings with the ‘When I die don’t you dare touch my blue sweater and get to my bedside drawer before mom does’ speech. It also meant my productivity was way way down. Don’t worry, I’m in good shape now….. considering.

WT eBook CoverAlso I’m still writing Wicked Temptation (Danny’s Story) while mulling over Tony’s story (which PS is already halfway written). I plan to be finished with Danny by the end of October come rain or hellfire. Pray for me.

If you were with me when I first started this writing gig then you probably remember the twin sisters, Ari and Gabi. Gabi’s been bugging me lately asking for her story to be told. That said, I have to finish all the Hollis Brothers’ stories first. Hopefully that will be soon.

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