Alchemy of SoulsEveryone I know is watching this drama right now or has watched it. If you’re not part of the crowd then you’re missing out. You’re missing out big. Usually, I’m the type to wait until a drama is over then to binge it over a week. But once I got a taste of this one, I could not keep from watching it week after week after week.

This drama has everything; mystery, romance, thriller, and comedy. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to throw something at your TV. Every character that is introduced in the story has a major role in how the story goes. The leads, Mu-Deok/Naksu and Jang-Uk, are a pair to love. The two have more chemistry than the whole periodic table. You’ll root for them like you’ve never rooted for a couple before.



THE VERDICT: 9/10 because EVERYTHING about this drama is fire. Every character brings something fresh and exciting to the table – even the villains.

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