Love Like The GalaxyI’m going to be honest! Even though I don’t post about Chinese dramas, I watch them a lot. Like a lot. I also watch lots of Filipino, Thai, South African & Turkish dramas but that’s a story for another day. But I enjoyed this show so much that I thought I should stray from my usual broadcasting and introduce it to you.

LLTG is a costume drama that is filled with romance, political intrigues and sword fights. If you enjoy watching stuff from the feudal ages, you’ll like this one.

The drama’s narrative revolves around Cheng Shaoshang, daughter of the Cheng family, who was left by her parents when she was a baby; and Ling Buyi, a general who’ trying to unfold the conspiracy behind what happened in the past. The drama narrative then starts years later, during the return of her parents.

The drama has an interesting story line, great, realistic and well written characters who are easy to root for. Though the politics and fighting takes a good portion of the story it is woven well with the romance and doesn’t overwhelm it. I think you’ll like it. Lots of people do as you’ll see from all the rave reviews out there.



THE VERDICT: 8/10 because Ling Buyi is everything a woman wants and you can watch the drama for free on Youtube which is awesome!!!!

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