Coming This September Graphic

Kennedy ‘Kenny’ Carter has always known that romance and happily-ever-after weren’t in the cards for her. What reasonable man would want a woman who has as much baggage as she does? Who would want a woman who is as wrecked as she is? So, she’s decided that she’s better off alone and that she doesn’t need anyone. She’s convinced herself that all men are simply tools for pleasure and nothing more.

That is until Patrick ‘Pat’ Hughes makes his move.

Pat has known Kenny for a long time; long enough to have seen past the mask she wears. He knows that beneath the tough-as-nails stubbornness is a woman who has been hurt by life and is on the precipice of destroying herself because of that hurt. He wants to be the man to love and heal her. But can he climb the high walls she’s built around her heart? Is she even interested in being loved?

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