His Private Dancer- Karyn LanghorneI haven’t read any of Karyn Langhorne’s books, so when someone DM’d me with a recommendation, I said, ‘why not?’. And I was totally blown away.

Sahara is in witness protection after testifying against her mobster husband. Enter Hugh. Hugh is smart, cute and very charming. It was supposed to be a fling, but y’all know you can’t keep a good man down. Though she’s determined to push him away, he is more determined to have her.

This was a great, great read. I read it in one go. There was enough romance and suspense to keeping me feening for more. Try it.



Sahara Mills was the first black ballerina to lead the Manhattan Repertoire—until her life was upended by a billionaire mob boss determined to make her his private dancer. On the run from that disastrous relationship, the last thing Sahara needs is another billionaire bad boy… but Fate has other plans.

When an anonymous fling with a quirky stranger turns into something more, Sahara is shattered to learn that her mystery man is none other than Hugh Lindsay the eccentric tech billionaire—a man, even richer and more powerful than the last one.

Can Hugh convince her to look past all that money and love him for himself, or will Sahara’s fears about the power of billions keep her from the joys of performing for an audience of one?




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