She Would Never Know

This one is so sweet… so sugary that even as I write this post I feel a toothache coming on. I promise you you’re going to be smiling and swooning while you watch this little gem.

When Chae Hyun-Seung (played by Ro Woon) was in college, he fell for his senior, Yoon Song-A (Won Jin-A). Because of her, he ended up getting into cosmetics’ sales. Fast forward to the present year, and they now work for the same company with her being his supervisor. Hyun-Seung still has a crush on Song-A, but she doesn’t know. Besides that, she’s in a relationship with one of the company’s manager’s.

When Song-A’s relationship goes left, Hyun-Seung makes his move. However, Song-A rebuff’s is skeptical about whether a relationship between them would work since she doesn’t see younger guys as dating partners.

Though the plot isn’t really complicated and we have the usual tropes (i.e. troublesome exes, disapproving family, unnecessary breakups etc), the characters are well written, the cinematography is breathtaking, and the story is very realistic and heart-wrenching. You’ll enjoy it. I promise.


THE VERDICT: 7/10 because it was a lovely story but Song-A made me pull my hair way too many times.

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