I’ll be honest; last year things were a little meh for me in terms of well… everything. My motivation was at an all time low mostly because of personal stuff capped with this Corona ish. There were a lot of great kdramas this year but I just wasn’t that into them. Unlike 2019 where I watched EVERY SINGLE DRAMA that was released, in 2020 I only finished a handful of dramas and even then it’s because I was skipping a lot (sometimes whole episode). Why am I telling all this? It’s to show you just how great Missing was. I did not skip even one of its episodes. It’s that great.

Missing (The Other Side) is a fantasy-thriller based in a mysterious village where the missing dead gather. The village is called Duon. While being chased by gangsters, our hero, Kim Wook (played by Go Soo), almost dies. That near-death experience gives him psychic abilities which he is unaware of until he stumbles into Duon.

At first, he doesn’t realize that the people he is talking to are spirits. Understandably, he is scared at first. But a lucky meeting with a fellow psychic Jang Pan-Seok (by Heo Jun-ho) helps Wook get accept his new abilities. Soon, Wook begins to use his new abilities to help these spirits finally rest. What he doesn’t know is that his ability to see Duon may not just be because of his near-death experience. He might actually be connected to many of the souls who wander within is.

Trust me, you need to see this one. It’s been a while since I liked anything that Go Soo was cast in but I’m glad I took a chance on this one. All the characters are well-developed as is the ties within them. The mysteries they solve are also quite interesting as are the twists and turns. It was a tense, heartwarming series but still had the excitement of a crime show and the wonder of a fantasy drama. I actually think there’s a potential for season 1. Hopefully, OCN sees it too.

FIND IT HERE: https://www.viki.com/tv/37320c-missing-the-other-side

THE VERDICT: 9/10 because it held my attention when other dramas couldn’t. I don’t even know why I took off the one point. I’m just stingy like that lol

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