Whassup? How have you been? Have you missed me? No? Well, I’m here and I’m not going nowhere 😛😛😛 I’ve just been holed up  in my cave trying to finish my next book.

Confession Time: I was very hesitant about finishing the ‘Heirs’ series. Not because I actually don’t like the series but because some responses to Obsession, the first book in that series were not that enthusiastic. Then it occurred to me; why am I so bummed by people who don’t like the book? Sure, their comments are a great learning tool but think about the people who liked it. THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO LIKED IT, LINDA. You’re just going to do them like that?

Also, I kind of liked the book too and I’m really excited to see where it’s going. Conclusion: I’mma finish this series. I hope y’all will stick with me.

*Gets off soapbox

Now, where were we? Ah yes! The new book. It’s called ‘Passion’ and in it, Michael, Lex’s other friend, finds his happy ending.

Some people call Michael Klein responsible and upright. Others say he’s just uptight.

He’s been a single father for so long that words ‘love’ and ‘fun’ have disappeared from his dictionary. That is until Gigi Champion crashes into his uptight world. Gigi’s the pesky neighbor he never wanted. Sure, she’s gorgeous, vivacious and has the prettiest eyes he’s ever seen. But it seems like her mission in life is to make a hot mess of his neat, responsible, o-so-serious world.

She is definitely not his type.

The problem is Michael can’t get her out of his mind. All he wants to do is haul her over his knee and see that pretty mouth of hers open with a pant, a gasp, and then a long moan. But he can’t do that, or can he?


I like Michael, I really do. But I like Gigi even better. 😛 She’s kind of good at terrorizing Michael and he doesn’t know what to do with her, which is exactly the type of heroine I like. I think you’ll like the drama between these two fools.

I’m actually done writing the book, just doing a little editing here and there then I’ll let you know when it will be released.

PS: This time I’ll be using Advance Readers so make sure you’re part of my Book Club if you’d like a chance at a free copy before everyone else even gets to read it.

I'd Like To Join Linda's Book Club (Magenta)

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