I am a sucker for second chance romances and characters who grow, and Eve Vaughns knows how to spin a second chance tale. This book had me shaking my head and giving the characters so many side-eyes, I’m surprised I’m not yet cross-eyed.

Jilted Eve Vaughn CoverLet’s start with Ashley. This man can hold a grudge – seriously. I know I hold grudges but Ashley made me a little scared. Apparently men who are scorned can be dangerous too. Days before his wedding to Skylar, he gets a DVD showing Skylar in a compromising situation. Instead of confronting her, he waits until their wedding day to  let her know that this wedding is not happening. Skylar is devastated, wants to talk it out. But Ashley is too hurt to discuss anything and he kicks her out of his world.

Five years later, the two meet again and… you guessed right, messiness ensues. Painful messiness.

Ashley was cruel at times, but I don’t think that it makes him any less of a hero. The thing about real life heroes is that sometimes they make mistakes, they are not perfect. Some get cruel when they’re hurt, some shut down, some want to talk it down. And maybe he didn’t have to work so hard for forgiveness – but I think that Skylar saw his sincerity and didn’t want to waste time dragging out the forgiveness. If it were me though… huh! *snorts

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