I know. I know. You’re wondering where the hell is The Bridal Candidate 2. After all I did promise that it’d be done by March and April. I’d say that life happens sometimes but that would be only half the truth. The whole truth is that I did a bit of bad planning. I forgot that I still needed to finish the Hollis Brothers series. Because that series was halfway done, I decided to postpone TBC2 and finish it up officially. Good news; now that Wicked Surrender is finally published and the series has drawn to an end, I can now focus on The Bridal Candidate 2.

Now about TBC. Initially I was just going to write one book.  But while I was writing the book I realized that Lincoln was just sitting there ‘dead’. In my head  he’s such an important part of Aiko’s life that I felt it would be important to find out more about not just their relationship but what actually happened to him. I’m not going to give any spoilers, but I assure you the book will be an emotional, tangled mess. Get ready.

If you’d like to receive sample chapters and/or get an immediate notice the moment The Bridal Candidate 2 is available;

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