Yup! I got sucked in.

I got sucked in so hard I didn’t write for a whole week. 7 Days. That’s 21,000 words in Linda Writing Pace. I’m all about taking responsibility for your actions but I insist this is the work of the devil – And that devil has a name. YouTube!

Screw you, YouTube!

Angry Girl Gif

Okay, let’s start from the beginning so you can all understand why I blame that devil up there. Sooo – I decided to move. My ex-flat was quite small. Actually, small is a generous term. It was tiny – like Howard Wolowitz tiny without all the funky clothes and Jewish humor to make it at least bearable. This place was TINY.

Also I had this brilliant blue couch that seemed like a good idea when I had it made. However, hardly three days later looked like the sea had puked on my living room. It made me want to lock myself in my bedroom, crawl under the bed and pray for the monsters underneath to swallow me up. Seriously, don’t buy a colorful couch unless you want to get stuck with that couch’s color scheme for the rest of your life. In my case I melded the blue with some greens and yellows. Worked for some time but I get bored really easily and with this blue couch I couldn’t just flip the house design at the drop of a hat. Which totally killed me.

My bedroom was okay. But I had little to no storage for my butt-load of books. Plus I’d collected a load of crap in my short stay in that flat and most of it got shoved below my bed. #HoardersAlive lol.

Anyway it was time for a change.

First things first, I sold everything I hated – with the couch leading the way. The carpet, extra DVD player, blender that never gets used, portable closet, books that I’m done with and don’t think I’ll ever read etc By the time I was done said flat looked… well, flat. Then I moved.

My new place is still small, but it’s more Leonard-small. It will cut it for now. But a new practically empty place meant time to flex my non-existent interior design skills. And where did I start my research?

YouTube. YouTube. YouTube


There is no better place to look for decor ideas, diy tips etc, or to gawk at all the fantastic things other people have done with their own spaces. Miss So Focused a.k.a Linda decides the best place to start is with apartment tours.

Incidentally, I wonder how people can do that. It has to be one of the bravest things anyone can decide to do. There are some needlessly cruel people out there who are always looking for someone to criticize, and anyone who can brush off the weird comments like; “Oh, you have too much money. You’re so spoilt. I bet you don’t even know a kid in Africa.” “Your house is so clinical and lifeless. I couldn’t live there.” “God, that thing is tiny. Is that a doll house or a real house?” “Oh, your house is so filled with clutter. Yuck!” – is a hero in my book.

Anyway, back to the apartment tours. That’s where I started, but it didn’t stop there. Somehow, house tours led me into the DIY black hole  where I was learning how to make my own picture frames (why? why would I do that when I leave a stone’s throw away from a big supermarket with many, many cheap frames), build closets (again, why?), restore old cabinets (I don’t even have space for a cabinet). Somehow all that nonsense led me to BBC’s design rules ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os02K3VP8-I ) which in all honesty was probably the least waste of my time in this whole endeavor.

But of course it wasn’t enough. We need to see these design rules put into use in real-life situations, right? Why not check out  The Great Interior Design Challenge ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKrfkRylqtw ) and see how other people are using these rules, huh? Okay, okay! They’re doing it well. But wouldn’t it be fun to follow some ‘real’ amateurs like me who don’t know squat about design rules. Voila – Your Home In Their Hands ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-g9AOq7Ves )

Two days later, I’m like ‘Ugh! That was godawful’, why did I just waste all my time watching hacks massacring those poor peoples homes. Ooh! The train wreck. I must cleanse my palate with something more professional.

Well, hello HGTV’S Design Star ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND3B-BE158w ). I’m Linda and you look like a sexy, smexy show. Wanna waste some more time with me?

I did not come up for air until I’d watched every single HDS episode on the internet. One of those episodes had someone playing around with Asian themes and it looked fantastic. So of course I had to look for houses decored with Asian themes in mind. But they weren’t what I was looking for. So I had the bright idea to check out some Korean shows and maybe I’d  pick out something from there.

Overboard gif

I started off with Boys Over Flowers. I came for the interior design but I stayed for the humorous teenage angst. Then because I was so smitten by Lee Min Ho, I followed him over to Personal Taste. Then since I was now officially addicted to Korean soaps, I of course had to see Rain’s Full House, which of course made me wonder how the Pinoy version was different from it. So I ….. I COULD NOT STOP!!!

Exhausted Girl

You know what I’m just going to stop the confessions right there lest my internet provider shuts down my connection.But one thing is clear YouTube is crack. Crack so good you don’t even notice when it’s ruining your teeth. You see now, don’t you? None of this was my fault. That red, black and white whore totally trapped and seduced me. How was I supposed to resist all those endless videos? Hell, I didn’t even notice when she was sucking my writing time. I just went ahead and tilted my neck so that witch could have her fill. Blame her for the delay in publishing Wicked Surrender 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m beginning the No-Youtube diet today so I can finish Wicked Surrender (whose cover has already been made). Pray for me, because I don’t know if I can overcome.

To check out my writing progress and/or help me procrastinate;

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PS: I got the light grey couches and I’m now rocking the red drapes and burnt orange, green and patterned throw pillows look.

PSS: If you’ve clicked any of the links above. It’s over for you. You’re officially a member of the Hell Squad. Sorry, not sorry 🙂

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