I have a friend who recently told me that they don’t make 2016 resolutions because they end up breaking them anyway, so what’s the use of making of them.

It got me thinking.

Are resolutions useless? Should I stop making them and simply live my life the YOLO way? Which of course led me to think of my 2015 resolutions and how I performed in them.New-Years-Resolutions-TS_187567568.jpg

  1. To Quit My Job: Though the work was very good and I feel like some of the projects I started helped out people. Unfortunately or fortunately, writing is my passion plus I was kind of tired of making millions for the company but earning peanuts. You know what? I actually quit. In November. It was scary because this writing thing isn’t always steady, but I figured that if I don’t throw myself into the pool and keep just dipping my toes in, I’ll never learn how to swim. Right now my primary career is writing, though I did open up a lingerie shop for those moments when the pay here don’t cut it. So far I’ve managed to make my rent. So that’s good 🙂
  2. To Write At Least Eight Books: When I’m not being a lazy TV-binger, I can actually write pretty fast. In 2013, I wrote 10 books, so a goal of 8 seemed pretty reasonable. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it. I only wrote 4 books. I’d love to have a good excuse but the truth is that it was just laziness. The only reason I even managed those four was because of my new year resolution. I kept thinking of how horrible it would be if I couldn’t even make half of my resolution. It’s what made me push so hard to publish Wicked Temptation before the end of the year.
  3. To Lose At Least Twenty Pounds. In college I walked a lot and was on the swim team. Unfortunately, my job involved/s a lot of sitting down and I gained some cookie dough and would have back aches whenever I walked for too long a distance. To that end I started using a standing desk, watching my diet, sleeping better and joined a gym. I documented the whole experience on Wattpad (the book is gone now), and managed to drop 30 pounds. I gained about 10 more pounds when I stopped documenting but after some soul-searching I went back to my ‘healthy’ ways. I am now within the healthy BMI range for my height.
  4. To be Connect More with Friends and Family. Sometimes you get so caught up in work and your personal life that you forget to give the people who you love enough attention. Last year, I wanted to become more communicative with my family and to reconnect with good friends who I’d lost because of lack of communication. So, I started a Call a Relative or a Friend every-day practice. Every single day I’d call someone or meet someone. I think it worked because I’m back to speaking with two old friends, and my even members of my family have expressed that I’m much easier to find and they know what’s going on in my life.

All in all, I think I did okay. I had some bumps along the way and some resolution weren’t completely met, but having a roadmap gave me focus. At the end of the year I could say that I wasn’t the same person I was back in 2014. I think that’s what New Year Resolutions are about getting the best out of the year and making sure that you move forward.

Going into the new year without a resolution is like trying to hit a bull’s eye with a blind-fold. There’s every possibility that you will hit the bull’s eye, but your odds of hitting it significantly increase when you remove the blind fold a.k.a make a plan.

So yes. I’mma keep making my resolutions.

In 2016 my resolutions are:

  1. Keep The Habits I Got In 2015: Avoid junk food, ditch coffee and sugar, go to the gym every week day, sleep at least 8 hours, call/meet a friend/relative every day.
  2. Make Some New Friends: I think it’s time I started getting involved in my community. I’ve spotted a few churches, children homes where I can volunteer, events I can attend etc. Each weekend I plan to go out and check out the ‘land’. Hopefully I can make one or two new friends while I’m there.
  3. Publish 8 Books: Yes, we’re doing this again. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.
  4. Learn How To Use Photoshop: Seriously, how hard can it be. I’ve already gotten the contacts of a potential teacher. I’ll let you know how it goes. Who knows? A year from now I could make you your covers 🙂
  5. Fix Up My Finances: This year I plan to live each month using a budget. That’s all. I don’t even have to reduce my expenses, I just have to stick to the budget.

Those are mine. What are yours?



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