I’m hard at work on The Bridal Candidate but I had to stop by and thank y’all for picking up Wicked Temptation and leaving your reviews. Anything I say will not be enough to express how grateful I am that even when I get lost, you guys are always there ready to welcome be back.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Be blessed.

Now, The Bridal Candidate………..

The Bridal Candidate 2-001In two days I’ll be done with the first draft, and I’ll start sharing them teasers with you. Meanwhile, I’m already thinking of covers. This is what I had when I was thinking of posting it on Wattpad (the cover beside this paragraph).

Of course I can’t use it since it has Orlando and Condola Rashad on the cover. But it got me thinking,  what BWWM books awed you with their covers? I’d love to know. Post a link below or if you’re shy message me on lindaverji@aol.com.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to get a heads-up when I’m done writing the Bridal Candidate, don’t forget to:

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