CLUES-TO-FIND-YOUR-LOVE-IS-TRUE-OR-INFATUATIONIt happened instantly – infatuation
It developed over time – love

I can’t even stand to be near him because I get all giddy and dumb-founded – infatuation
I’m most comfortable around him and could spend the whole day just talking to him – love

The longer I stay with him, the weaker my feelings for him – infatuation
The longer I stay with him, the stronger my feelings for him – love

When we have a disagreement I’m scared of hashing it out because it might lead to a break up – infatuation
When we have a disagreement I’m willing to talk it out because I know our relationship will survive – love

I seem to be the one who does everything in the relationship (call him, organize for dates) and go out of my way to please him – infatuation
We have a give and take relationship and when I feel he’s not doing his part I can talk to him without fear of our relationship disintegrating – love

We have more sex than we talk – infatuation
Our relationship is much more than a physical relationship. We could spend a whole night just talking about our hopes and dreams and still feel fulfilled – love

What’s your criteria for love?

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